An Overview Of The Singapore Dependant’s Pass

Employment pass (EP) or S pass holders can get their spouses and children to join them via the dependant’s pass in Singapore. We received many questions from our clients regarding the application for a dependant’s pass. Below we attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

Who are eligible?

Legally married spouse or unmarried children under 21 years of age. The EP or S pass holder has to be earning a fixed salary of at least S$6,000 monthly.

What is the duration of the pass? 

Up to two years, depending on the validity of the main pass.

Is it renewable?

The dependant’s pass is renewable, up to 6 months before it expires. The renewable duration is in line with the main pass’s validity period or the requested duration, whichever is shorter.

Can the dependant’s pass holder work in Singapore?

Dependants of employment pass holders can apply for a Letter Of Consent (LOC) to work in Singapore. For dependents of S pass holders, a work permit will be required. However, starting from May 2021, dependant’s pass holders who wish to work will have to apply for a work pass instead of LOC. More details will be announced soon.

How can I apply for the dependent’s pass?

Only your employer can apply for a dependant’s pass for you or a Singapore licensed employment agency such as us. Get in touch with us today if you would like to apply for your depandant’s pass!


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