Up to 50% Salary Support From Government – Jobs Growth Incentive

If you have increased your local hiring headcount between September 2020 till end of February 2021, your company may be eligible for up to 50% salary support from the government for your new local hires. If your company is looking to expand, there is no better time to consider hiring locals right now.

How To Be Eligible For Jobs Growth Incentive

In order to be eligible, your company must fulfil the below conditions:

  1. Hiring period must be between September 2020 to February 2021 (inclusive)
  2. The overall local work force size during this qualifying period must be an increment compared to August 2020.
  3. The local work force count must be earning at least S$1,400 and above to be eligible for consideration.
  4. The company must be established before 16th August 2020.

Which Of The Employees Will Be Eligible and How To Compute The Incentive.

  1. New local hires between the period of September 2020 to February 2021 are eligible.
  2. For new local hires aged 40 and above, the company will receive 50% rebate of the first S$5,000 gross monthly wage for up to 12 months. (Maximum S$30,000)
  3. For new local hires aged below 40, the company will receive 25% rebate of the first S$5,000 gross monthly wage for up to 12 months. (Maximum $15,000)
  4. In order to enjoy the full 12 months of salary incentive, the employer must meet the criteria continuously.
  5. If any of your previous local employees are to leave the company during this 12 months, the incentive will be adjusted downwards accordingly. This is to encourage retention of employees by the company.
  6. The Jobs Growth Incentive is paid on top of the Jobs Support Scheme Incentive.

When Will The Payout Be Made?

The first payout will commence in March 2021. Subsequent payouts will be disbursed quarterly. The computation of the payout is determined by the mandatory CPF contribution paid. You are strongly advised to make your CPF payments on time in order to be eligible for the incentives payout.

How To Apply For Jobs Growth Incentive Scheme

No action is required on your part. The payout is automatically computed and disbursed.


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