How To Register A Trademark For Your Singapore Business?

What is a trademark?

A type of intellectual property that represents your business, products, or services (think Macdonald’s) is what we call a trademark. Trademark can be an important tool to help build brand loyalty, image and prevent competitors/imitators from stealing your market share. Armed with a registered trademark, you can even consider licensing the right of use to a third party, like a franchise, or to sell it in exchange for potentially a large sum of money.

Registered trademarks in Singapore are governed by the Trade Marks Act (2005 Revised Ed) (Cap. 332) together with its subsidiary legislation which consists of the Trade Marks Rules and Trade Marks (International Registration) Rules.

What does the trademark comprise?

To be precise, the trademark you registered only grants a statutory monopoly in Singapore. After which, it will be in effect for 10 years and you can renew it indefinitely. If you wish to protect your trademark outside of Singapore, then you have to file applications in those countries concerned. You can do so either individually to those countries’ trademarks offices, or via the Madrid Protocol.

For a trademark to be registered, it has to be capable of being represented graphically and distinct. In addition, consumers are able to distinguish your goods and/or services from other competitors’ similar goods and/or services.

An individual or company can claim to be an owner of a trademark. They can file for trademark registration as long as they intend to use the trademark in the course of their business. There is no restriction or discrimination with regards to certain nationalities or status of residency. However, the applicant must provide the Registry of Trade Marks with a service address in Singapore.


Process Of Applying For Trademark In Singapore



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