Additional 40% Wage Subsidy For F&B Businesses Till 13th June 2021

As a result of the increased rate of Covid 19 infection, dine-in will be disallowed at all food establishments during the period of 16th May 2021 till 13th June 2021. In view of the impact, this will cause to the F&B businesses, there will be an increment of the wage support via the current Jobs Support Scheme (JSS). The wage support for salaried workers in F&B establishments will be increased from 10% to 50% during this period.

The 50% wage support is capped at $4,600 gross monthly wages paid to local employees. Self-employed individuals who make voluntary CPF contributions for themselves and their local employees will also qualify for the support.

On top of the wage support, there will also be a one month rent wavier for F&B tenants of government agencies who do not qualify for the enhanced JSS.

For private commercial tenants, the Government urges the landlords to provide support to their tenants during this difficult period.


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