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ARA ImperialARA Imperial
06:11 25 Sep 23
The whole team was incredibly efficient!! Special thanks to Willie and Alison😁. Will definitely recommend them for your corporate secretary requirements.
Adina KhanAdina Khan
03:51 24 Aug 23
Took their services up for incorporation of company, service were done effectively and efficiently. Smooth process. Provided help anytime and gave clarification where needed, Highly recommended.
Steve AndersonSteve Anderson
19:37 22 Aug 23
We received a highly professional and efficient incorporation service from Raffles Corporate Services. They have excellent communication, fast turn-around, and a very helpful manner. Highly recommended.
wenjing luwenjing lu
02:36 22 Aug 23
Chengdong WangChengdong Wang
13:47 21 Aug 23
Great service and professional. Professional, enthusiastic, service praise
Yasuko TakahashiYasuko Takahashi
07:21 27 Jun 23
Sharon NgSharon Ng
05:17 09 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of engaging Raffles Corporate Services for assistance with the incorporation of my company, and I must say that the experience exceeded all my expectations. From the moment we initiated contact, their team, especially Willie, demonstrated exceptional professionalism, extensive knowledge, and a genuine dedication to helping us succeed.Throughout the entire process, Willie went above and beyond in providing invaluable guidance and support. What impressed me most was his proactive approach in gathering information even before we officially hired their services. He took the initiative to address our queries and concerns, ensuring we were well-informed before making any decisions. His proactive nature and thoroughness gave us a strong sense of confidence and trust in Raffles Corporate.Willie's expertise and in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in company incorporation were evident at every step. His vast knowledge of corporate services was truly remarkable and played a pivotal role in making the incorporation process seamless and hassle-free.What truly set Willie apart was his unwavering commitment to our success. His dedication was evident in the time and effort he invested in understanding our specific requirements and tailoring the incorporation process accordingly. This personalized approach made us feel valued as clients and gave us the assurance that we were in capable hands.I cannot recommend Raffles Corporate Services enough for their exceptional service and expertise. The professionalism and knowledge exhibited by Willie throughout our engagement were truly remarkable. His commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, combined with his comprehensive understanding of company incorporation, make him an invaluable asset to the organization.If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy corporate services provider, look no further than Raffles Corporate Services. Their team, led by the exceptional Willie, will guide you through every step of the incorporation process, ensuring a smooth and successful journey. With their expertise and dedication, you can rest assured that your business is in the best possible hands.Thank you, Raffles Corporate, and a special thanks to Willie, for exceeding our expectations and making our incorporation experience truly outstanding.
Anthony LeeAnthony Lee
09:30 14 Apr 23
Excellent corp service as usual. Appreciate them for providing value add advice on top on just doing the standard corp sec services. Highly recommended !
Clive SngClive Sng
02:28 13 Apr 23
I have engaged Raffles corporate services recently for my company secretarial needs and delighted to say that I have been rendered with a professional service and guidance from the team. Every step and process is well coordinated and documented it to expectation. Highly recommended to engage them for their professional services.
05:48 27 Mar 23
Was recommended by a friend who's been engaging with them for couple of years and decided to go ahead. Super grateful to have found them last year, always so prompt, knowledgeable and genuinely willing to help at all cost. And most importantly, a company with integrity !
Suzanne ChanSuzanne Chan
01:09 23 Mar 23
Prompt and Efficient Delivery. Communicative. Able to assist in almost all matters and their wide range of services ensure that Client's matters are almost always all covered.


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