Do I need to pay any deposit when renting an office in Singapore?

Yes, depending on the duration of the lease, the deposit typically amounts to 1 month's rent for a 1-year lease, 2 months' rent for a 2-year lease and so on. However, these are merely market standards and not a regulation to abide by. Other factors will include the rarity of the premise, agreed rent, types of renovation/fixtures provided in the premises.

What are the types of commercial property I can rent as my office?

There are three main types of commercial properties in Singapore, namely: retail, industrial and commercial office.

Retail properties include retail shops, restaurants, gyms, bars, HDB shophouses and private shophouses

Industrial properties refer to workspaces such as B1 (offices, warehouses), B2 (factories). B1 and B2 differ by the kind of works allowed within the premises.

Commercial offices include office buildings, hotels, commercial conservation shophouses,  and business parks.