Data Protection


ALL Singapore organisations, including sole proprietorships, are required to designate at least one individual, a Data Protection Officer, to be responsible for ensuring the organisation’s compliance with the PDPA.

Such compliance requires organisations to develop and implement policies and procedures that clearly notify customers of the collection of their personal data. Companies must notify customers on how the data may be used and where it may be disclosed.

If found guilty of any PDPA breach, an organisation may be liable to a maximum fine of 10% of its annual turnover or S$1 million, whichever is higher.


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Outsourced DPO

Register named individuals in ACRA Bizfile+ and provide a point of contact for the public with regards to their data privacy matters.

Privacy Policy Review

Review corporate website data collection processes and PDPA compliant Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Management

Develop a compliant data protection policy and operationalise the policy efficiently, without compromising your processes.

E-Learning Training

Provide e-learning with assessment tracking for organisation’s staff so that they are aware of the privacy policies and work flows in place.

Data Protection Audit

An in-depth assessment of the organisation’s processes to identify risks and gaps in their data handling matters.

Policy Update

Provide regular updates on changes to PDPA regulations such that the organisation is up to date with the requirements.

Essential Plan$1,200AnnuallySuitable for start-ups and SMEs who requires assistance in
setting up the basic essential components of PDPA compliance.
Premium Plan$1,800AnnuallyA fully outsourced program whereby we will provide a data
protection officer to work with the company’s management
on the drafting, implementation and review of PDPA policies.
Custom PlanAsk for QuoteAnnuallyFor clients who require a little bit more and bespoke services,
we will craft a service plan that will suit your needs.

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